If you need to repair your personal
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As the Nation’s #1 Home Loan Personal Credit Repair Company,

we have the empathy, technical know-how and solutions you need to get a mortgage.

We’re a team of dedicated, experienced specialists whose only objective is to help you
repair your personal credit score so that you can get a home loan.

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What we do

In the past few years we have repaired the credit score of thousands of people throughout the United States.

Free, No Obligation Consultation

Customised Disputes

Credit Audits

Unlimited Goodwill Interventions

Debt Validation System

Cancel Anytime

Unlimited Negative Account Interventions

Letter of Recommendation

Cease and Desist

24/7 Digital Progress Tracker

No Risk 100 Day Warranty

Pay to Delete

How we do it

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The Cost



Only $249 down per person for your account set up and review +
$99 per month maintenance fee +
$20 per month 3rd Party monitoring fee



Only $349 down per couple for your account set up and review +
$179 per month maintenance fee +
$20 per month 3rd Party monitoring fee

Proven Track Record 76% Deletion Rate

Average Client Score Up 80 – 127 Points

Average Client Case Takes 3 – 6 months

You can cancel any time

Plus, there’s our NO RISK 100 DAY WARRANTY!

Our 100 DAY WARRANTY means that if a negative item has not been removed from your credit report OR your credit score has not improved within the first 100 DAYS of hiring us, you will receive a FULL, NO HASSLE REFUND. Period.

Aazim Sharp

Founder & CEO

Like many of you, my family and I have been where you find yourself now. Understanding that most credit bureaus were on a campaign of disinformation to pull the wool over the eyes of financially struggling Americans, I was despondent but didn’t despair. Instead, realizing that repairing my credit was no walk in the park, I spent years educating myself to become the nation’s leading authority on home loan personal credit repair.

Having turned my life around and secured the home loan that I needed, I founded Leaf Credit knowing that I could help others achieve their ambition to secure a mortgage and their right to become homeowners. Now ten years later, the Nation’s #1 Home Loan Personal Credit Repair Company is proud to successfully help ordinary Americans overcome the same challenges that my family and I once faced to secure a home loan.

Contact us now to set up a FREE, no-obligation consultation if you want to benefit from the empathy, positive attitude, and results orientated approach of our seasoned professional team. Our methods are rigorous and proven, but most of all we listen, are transparent, straight talking and want to help you.

Aazim Sharp

Why you should be talking to us


We employ our uniquely integrated way of thinking borne out of insight gained over many years of practical, hands-on experience:

Client Empathy + Technical Expertise + Customised Services + A Clear Game Plan + Our Commitment = Improved Personal Credit Scores

Having helped thousands of people like you, here are a handful of our very satisfied clients (all reviews have been verified and published by a 3rd party):



Very, very satisfactory. Leaf Credit Solutions were successful in getting a couple of our client’s credit score…




They hold your hand so you’re not alone in the process Leaf Credit Solutions are on top of everything. I..




They were excellent! Leaf Credit Solutions basically got me from the point of bankruptcy to where I was able t..



Leaf Credit Solutions is very knowledgeable in the credit repair industry. They all seem to know what they’re doing…


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FREE Credit Report Evaluation

A. Credit Report Analysis
One of our FICO professionals will call you for your free, no-strings-attached session . We’ll look for things on your credit report that stand out. Things like: outdated information, duplicate entries (old collections sold and reported from creditor to creditor several times – an illegal action many creditors take against you), incorrect loan amounts, incorrect balances, wrong dates of last activity, etc.

B. Action Plan
Whether you want to try to repair your credit yourself, or hire us to do it for you – thus saving you the time, money, and headache of dealing with corporate credit monstrosities (and taking no risk in the matter). You’ll still get a credit improvement action plan from a FICO professional

C. Get Started
As a client-focused firm, we are professional, approachable and we’re easy to talk to. Even if you’re not sure about exactly what you need, please contact us. We’re here to help you to repair your personal credit.

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credit repair companies
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