Are there any keywords that you would recommend for search terms?

Affiliates are prohibited from bidding on or optimizing any branded keywords that include the use of our company name ( Leaf Credit Solutions ) or anything similar. Failure to comply with this rule will result in termination from our program, and it may result in loss of commission and legal action. 

Please refer to our keyword policy prior to bidding. 

Here are a few suggested terms you could use for search terms 

fix credit, clean credit, fix my credit, credit repair services, credit fix, credit repair companies, bad credit, credit attorney, improve credit score, dispute credit report, repair credit, credit dispute, credit report dispute, fix your credit, improve credit, fix bad credit, credit repair service, how to fix your credit, fixing credit, collections, credit lawyer, credit attorneys, how to fix my credit, clear credit, credit lawyers, improve credit score tips, fix credit report, charge off, credit restoration, repair my credit, how to improve your credit score, increase credit after bankruptcy, clean up credit, how to improve credit score, fix credit score, how to fix bad credit, credit help, clean up credit report, credit removal, credit rebuild, improve your credit score, credit report repair, how to fix credit, raise credit score, credit clean up, how to raise credit score.

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