Are these Primary or Authorized User Tradelines?

Tradelines come in many varieties. Accounts can be either “seasoned” or “new.” Seasoned tradelines are those with a substantial account history, while new accounts have been recently opened. Comparatively, seasoned accounts have a more positive effect on your score while new credit lines can temporarily lower your credit score until the account matures.

The secondary characteristic of each account involves how the user is listed on the account. Primary users refer to those who are personally managing the account. In contrast, an authorized user is often considered secondary to the primary user. While being an authorized user can be beneficial to your score, it may have less impact that being a primary user.

Previously, a variety of companies advertised the ability to add Seasoned Primary Tradelines to a customer’s credit report. Not only could this provide a significant boost to a person’s credit score, but it could also mislead underwriters regarding the credit worthiness of the individual. Since the practice was considered fraudulent by many law enforcement organizations, many of these companies were ultimately shut down.

For those reasons, does not provide customers with the opportunity to add Seasoned Primary Tradelines. Additionally, does not assist clients in opening New Primary Tradelines, as these can harm your credit score. helps clients by adding Seasoned Authorize User Tradelines. These deliver astonishing boosts to one’s FICO Credit Score, without any of the negative connotations associated with some other options. With Seasoned Authorized User Tradelines, a rise in your credit score is guaranteed.

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