Are you licensed to repair credit?

Under public Act number 160 within the Credit Repair Organizations Act, credit repair companies were no longer required to be licensed to provide service to the public. Neither was there any licensing available for individuals who want to obtain one.

I personally believe there should be a license required to offer credit repair, but at this time there isn’t. There are certifications like FICO, offered by Allregs Academy. That is the certification I went through online. And then there are other online courses that offer certifications.

Because there is no certification required, unfortunately that leaves an open door for a massive amount of folks to start and run a company when they don’t have the skill or experience to effectively get the results they’re promoting. And as a  result, good people end up getting taken advantage of. But on the other hand there are some amazing folks who are highly skilled at repairing credit and they’ve got the customer feedback to prove it.

Until a license is required, I would recommend that you judge a company based on their online client feedback. If they get rave reviews, they must be doing something right. There are important questions you must ask any credit repair company before you hire them. [Get a copy here]. Use that report as a guide and it will save you tons of time and money.

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