Can I change the date for my monthly payment?

You must notify us within 3 days of the original payment due date. After your payment date is changed, it must remain the same until your service is complete.

Why haven’t I received any mail correspondence from the credit bureaus?

If it has been more than 45 days since you started the credit repair process and you haven’t received any results in the mail, it could be one of many reasons.

(a) They will often mail information to the address listed on your driver’s license. If this has not been updated, then that could delay or inhibit the mail. If this is the case, then you will need to update your identification to reflect your new address and provide us with a copy.

Even if you have not received anything in the mail, we can also review your credit report to see the most recent changes.. You can check the status of your results through your client portal.

(b) If you live at a location where several family members share the same mailbox, please check with other members of your household and ask if anyone has held the mail for you, or accidentally thrown it out.

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