If you’re going to repair your own credit, you should know:

– Credit repair takes time, if done correctly
– Credit  repair takes patience, if you expect it to work
– Credit repair takes persistence, don’t expect immediate results
– Credit repair consists of laws like the FCRA, FDCPA, FCBA and TILA

You’ll need to have an understanding of those laws, because you’re going to need them if you plan on getting halfway descent results. It is important to know what order to dispute the accounts and what mistakes to avoid when repairing your credit. Check out my article “5 Credit Repair Mistakes People Make When Repairing Their Own Credit”. That article will help save you some time.

The question is you’ll need to ask yourself is, how valuable is your time, and do you have the aptitude and inclination to put in the necessary time and effort to repair your own credit.

A reputable credit repair professional that is in the business full time and has a proven track record. Yes, you can repair credit yourself. Like most industries, though, it is far more effective to use a professional that specializes in credit repair. Someone that has a great deal of knowledge and experience repairing thousands of credit reports will  know the ins and outs of  how credit repair really works. They should be able to can get the job done quickly and effectively . But just as you might not choose to repair you own vehicle, prepare your own taxes, or defend yourself in court , you don’t have to tackle credit repair on your own.

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