Is credit repair something I can do on my own?

The short answer is yes, you can repair your own credit. But repairing your credit is not as easy as most articles you see online would have you believe. I’m sure your smart, think about it. If repairing credit was easy and all you needed to do was send out a few template dispute letters you found online, wouldn’t everyone have great credit?

I’m caught off guard when I see couple of credit repair professionals telling a mass number of consumers “you can repair your own credit”. But not letting the consumer know some very important information that will impact how effective their credit repair results will actually be. Many credit repair professionals that tell people they can repair their own credit, typically follow up with an “Oh by the way you can buy my DIY credit repair kit for $79.99.  There is no problem with any of my colleagues offering a do it yourself kit, but please let people know, it’s not easy before they buy a kit. Within the next two or three months I’ll be releasing a downloadable do it yourself credit repair kit, but I will be fully transparent and disclose ,“It’s not easy”, “It takes time”.

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