Some accounts that were disputed came back “Verified,” does that mean there is nothing that can be done now?

Our service uses targeted disputes based upon the Fair Credit Reporting Act in an effort to delete the questionable negative information from your credit reports. We also  incorporate strategies based on other consumer protection statutes as well. These statutes include the Federal Fair Credit Billing Act, which gives you the right to request extensive information regarding billing and account history;  the Truth in Lending Act, which stipulates conditions for establishing credit accounts; and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, which defines your rights regarding accounts that have passed into collection status. 

Unfortunately, the credit bureaus do not provide information about how the debt was verified or why. Essentially, that is the purpose of our disputes. We dispute over and over again, and in this process we are hounding them to investigate/verify and re-investigate the negative items. Then, we want them to  provide us with information on how they were verified, including when and with whom it was verified.

They will sometimes send you Dispute Status letters, which are letters requesting proof of identity/proof of address etc. They may even send suspicious response letters. These  are all common stall tactics used by the bureaus to buy more time until they may actually provide a report with Investigation Results and account information. This is done to discourage you from continuing the dispute process.

Unfortunately, these strategies work on many people. However we are not fazed by those tactics and they are easily overcome by being persistent.

While no one in the credit restoration industry can legally predict or promise a specific outcome, we do promise to do everything possible to maximize the probability of outstanding results.

Why are my credit scores on the credit monitoring site different from the scores  that were on my credit report from the mortgage company The credit scores we provide are a consumer credit score and not your true Fico Score. You can get your true Fico score at The type of report a dealership or mortgage company would use is a lending report. This report uses has a different algorithm than either a credit monitoring site or the credit bureaus. Consumer reports are not used for lending purposes. Instead, they only provide a general idea of your credit worthiness and help you monitor the progress of your credit being repaired.

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