What is the cost of your credit repair service?

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Leaf Credit Repair offers 4 different grades of service based on your specific needs and goals. The Silver Plan is $179 for the initial credit audit and setup of your case  and $99 paid each month after your services are delivered. The Gold Plan, our most

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popular plan is available at $279 for the initial audit and setup and $129 paid each month. All plans are on a month to month, so you can cancel anytime. Every plan is accompanied with a money back guarantee and lifetime warranty.

When taking into account how much money you’ll spend to repair your credit, match up how much it’s costing you to live with bad or mediocre credit in comparison to the money you’ll invest in hiring a reputable credit repair company.

Someone with low or average credit scores can easily spend thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars in unnecessary interest payments when purchasing a home. That’s if they can even get approved for a loan, Unfortunately there are people who are content in just getting approved for a loan. They don’t consider the hidden costs.

Each month we examine an enormous amount of credit reports and see the astronomical costs people pay as a penalty for having low credit scores.

Having excellent credit will benefit you far beyond the point of being able to get a home, auto, student or business loan.  Good to excellent credit (740 -850) will give you the opportunity to spend less money when you do get approved for a loan.You should want to keep more of your hard earned money in your pocket and not just freely hand it over to creditors.

Your credit scores are used to determine so many things that impact your life. 47% of employers check credit and when you rent an apartment or apply for insurance, your credit is checked.

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