What services do you offer?

We offer various services, but all are credit related. Check out what we have and see if there’s something that suits your needs and goals.

  • Credit Repair
  • Credit Building
  • Credit Protection
  • Business Credit & Funding

Visit our [Services] page to see a detailed list, description and pricing on all the credit related services we offer.

How do I know that LEAF Credit Repair is a legitimate company and trust you with my information?

Yes, L.E.A.F Credit Solutions is a legitimate Credit Repair Agency. We are a registered business in good standing with the state of New Jersey. And we fully comply with all guidelines within the Credit Repair Organizations Act (CROA) in order to publicly offer professional credit repair service to consumers who need it nationwide. With more than 40 years of combined professional experience in our dispute department and an average success rate of 79%, removing negative accounts from credit reports, I’d say we’re legitimate.  Our credit improvement statistics certainly stand alongside the top in the nation. 

L.E.A.F Credit Repair has professional relationships with mortgage lenders , realty companies, attorney and financial planners who consistently refer their clients who are in need of help with their credit. Don’t just take our word for it, feel free to view our client and affiliate video testimonials as well as read through our verified shopper approved client reviews.

We also offer a one of a kind No Risk – Triple Warranty which is publicly viewable on our website and our client agreements . You will get results or you will get your money back! No questions asked.

Leaf Credit Solutions is a registered business in good standing with the State of New Jersey as in good standing and we are compliant with the Credit Repair Organizations Act (CROA) to Our credit repair specialists have years of experience and have professional relationships with lenders and financial institutions, CPAs, attorneys, financial planners, and others to offer you the best service possible.  We also offer our No Risk – Triple Warranty.  You will get results or you will get your money back!

Client Reviews

Money Back Guarantee

Ethical Credit Repair Alliance

What’s the difference between using L.E.A.F Credit Repair or some other credit repair company?

Our success rate is 3 times better than most credit repair companies

76% of the negative accounts we challenge are successfully removed, which is almost 3 times better than the results that people have gotten at other credit repair companies, according to national studies. Better results will place you in a better position to qualify for a home loan.

Credit scores increase quickly

On average our clients credit scores go up 127 points in less than 90 days of working with us.

You risk nothing

Our money back guarantee eliminates your risk of wasting money. If our service does not benefit your credit, you’ll be refunded every dollar you invested.

Lifetime Guarantee on deleted items        

The lifetime warranty guarantees that if any of your negative items we successfully remove from your credit show back up at any time, we’ll dispute it again at no cost to you. 

We keep you updated during the entire time

Conveniently track your results online 24/7 through our web based encrypted client portal. See what’s been done, you don’t have to call and ask, just login to your account.

We provide resources to rebuild credit

Adding Positive credit history is the quickest way to increase your credit score. You will get access to new credit through companies that have no minimum score requirement

We provide you with amazing tools to maintain your credit forever

Not only will you have experts working to repair your credit, but we teach you how to maintain your credit so you don’t fall back into the same situation. We educate you on the best course of action to take if you have a credit issue pop up. Paying for professional credit repair will pay short term and long term benefits. 

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