What’s the process after I get started?

After you sign up this is what will happen…

Complete Your enrollment 

Sign up online or call us and we’ll enroll you over the phone.

Receive Welcome Email 

After you sign up, within minutes, you’ll get a welcome email

with access to your client portal.

Onboarding Call 

After you sign up, you’ll schedule your onboarding call and speak with 

your assigned case manager. 

Credit Audit 

We’ll do a thorough audit of your credit report and put together a 

strategic plan to restore and build your credit and scores

Disputes Prepared and Sent

Your disputes are strategically prepared by our dispute department and 

sent to the proper entities.

Follow Up and Build 

After we review your results, we take action to resolve any issues 

that persist and focus on building your credit and raising scores.

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