Why do I have 3 different credit scores?

Each of the three credit reporting agencies collect data separately and do not share it with each other. Your creditors may only report your pay history, limit and balance to one or two of the reporting agencies.

Not every creditor will report to each bureau, so the information and scores can vary between each of the 3 reporting agencies.

Credit bureaus collect data independently of each other – and they typically don’t share it. Not only that, your creditors and lenders might report data only to one or two of the credit bureaus.

So if you have an auto loan and the lender only reports information to Experian and Transunion and you get a 30 day late because you didn’t pay on time, then your Experian and Transunion score would be lower but your Equifax score wouldn’t be affected by the late payment because the lender doesn’t share data with them.

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