Our success rate is almost three times higher than other credit repair companies

81% of negative accounts we challenge are successfully removed, which is almost 3 times better than the results that people have gotten at other credit repair companies, according to national studies. Better results will place you in a better position to qualify for a home loan.

Credit scores increase quickly

On average our clients credit scores go up 129 points in less than 90 days of working with us.

You risk nothing

Our money back guarantee eliminates your risk of wasting money. If our service do not benefit your credit, you’ll be refunded every dollar you invested. 

Lifetime Guarantee on deleted items

The lifetime warranty guarantees that if any of your negative items we successfully remove from your credit show back up at any time, we’ll dispute it again at no cost to you.  

We keep you updated during the entire time

Conveniently track your results online 24/7 through our web based encrypted client portal. See what has been done, you don’t have to call and ask, just login to your account.

We provide resources to rebuild credit

Adding Positive credit history is the quickest way to increase your credit score. You will get access to new credit through companies that have no minimum score requirement 

We give you tools to maintain your credit for the rest of your life

Not only will you have experts working to repair your credit, but we teach you how to maintain your credit so you don’t fall back into the same situation. We educate you on the best course of action to take if you have a credit issue pop up. Paying for professional credit repair will pay short term and long-term benefits.  

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