Will negative items come back after they’re removed?

When negative information is deleted from your credit report, the reporting agencies can’t reinsert any account that was previously deleted unless there was new information found.

A creditor has 30 days to verify a dispute. If the creditor hasn’t responded to the credit reporting agency within he 30 day allowable timeframe, the credit reporting agency  must delete the challenged item from your credit report. On occasion, the credit reporting agency will perform a soft delete and if the creditor responds a week or two after the 30 day time period.  I’ve been in the credit repair industry for more than 7 years and had thousands of clients and I have seen less than 5 cases where an item was reinserted back onto a clients credit report after it was deleted.

To provide my clients the security of knowing that we stand by our work, we provide a Lifetime warranty on all deleted accounts.

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