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Convert Your Credit Turn Downs To Closed Deals

By referring credit denied clients to us, our real estate and lending affiliates are closing the deals that their competitors have turned away while increasing their income by an average of 47.5%.

Does This Sound Familiar?

Disappointed businesswoman looking at business results on phone screen in a cafe during lunch break.
You speak to a new prospect, you’re ready to get the ball rolling and find out their credit is horrible and you can’t help them.
A prospect tells you their credit isn't the best, you provide them information and resources to work on their credit and you never hear back from them.
The last few months were great, but the buying season is now over and your pipeline is looking kind of empty.

Turn Bad Credit Into An Opportunity

The Advantages Of Partnering With L.E.A.F. Credit Solutions

Close More Deals

Clients typically return to you within 2-6 months as a qualified borrower. Continuously referring your clients will ensure that you keep a constant flow of clients sent back to you each month.

A Competitive Advantage

Turn more prospects into clients by offering solutions that your competitors won’t or can’t offer.

A Loyal Client Base

By helping your clients have a dependable credit repair resource, they’ll be less likely to shop around and more likely to work with you.

Close Deals Quicker

On average, we help credit repair clients increase their score by 129 points in just 57 days. Which means they’ll be in a position to buy in no time.

Closing Table Referrals
The more deals you close, the more your happy clients will refer your services to all of their friends and family.
Increase Your Income

Of course, you’ll make more money by closing more deals. But we’ll also pay you for each client who signs up for our services!

Affiliates Trust Leaf Credit Solutions

A Referral Program Built On Reputation and Experience

4.9+ Star Rating Across Review Platforms
137,000+ negative accounts deleted
Over $36,000,000 (36 Million) In Funding

We know how frustrating it can be to work with a client just to have "bad credit" stop you both in your tracks.

I spent years as a real estate developer, so I witnessed a massive amount of individuals who were discouraged because they couldn't purchase a home due to credit.

After eight years in real estate, I transitioned into credit repair to serve people who wanted to overcome their credit problems so they could buy a home.

We'll help you gain a competitive edge, and you'll start closing deals that others unwisely turn away.

Since we've started, over 1500 clients have gone through our credit transformation process, and they were approved for a home loan.

We work with more than 200 partners in the real estate industry who have more than doubled their income since joining our affiliate program.

Sign up for our affiliate program, get out the files of people who didn't qualify for a home loan this week, two months or even six months ago, and let's get them closed.


Listen To What Our Partners Are Saying About Us

"A lot of my clients that I've sent to L.E.A.F. Credit Solutions have come back to me a in position that they could buy or refinance."
Pete Severino
Loan Consultant
"I've referred a few clients over and they're very happy with your services.

They're happy with the information that you provided them and they're happy with their credit repair success."
Sharena Flowers
Real Estate Broker
"When [clients] have blemishes on their credit, I tell them that's not going to be a problem. I finally feel secure enough that if I connect them to L.E.A.F. Credit Solutions, they're going to be taken care of."
Shareef Graham
Real Estate Investor

Ready To Get Started?

The Process Is Easy


Apply To Be An Affiliate

The Affiliate Program application takes just a few minutes to apply. If you’re approved, you’ll receive the compensation plan, portal login and everything you need to be successful.


Refer Us To Your Clients

When your prospect tells you their credit isn’t the best, don’t turn them away! Refer them to us for credit repair services; you’ll even be able to track your referrals in your online portal.


Increase Your Income

Between closing more deals, an increase in referrals and the affiliate program’s compensation plan, you’ll be increasing your income quickly.