Attention: Realtors, Loan Officers, Real Estate Investors

You spend your hand earned money and valuable time getting your phone to ring and more than 60% never close because of credit issues.

What if you could close an extra 2-5 transactions per month with little to no effort and you didn’t have to invest any money to make it happen. Do you think it would be worth a 10 minute talk to see how I can help you close more, just like I’ve helped my other real estate referral partners.

Some of your local competitors have signed up for our credit builder & repair referral partner program and are closing deals they previously turned away.

A Few Benefits of our Credit Score  Builder & Repair Referral Program…

Benefit #1–  Close more transactions and become a top producer by generating constant flow of new leads using our done for you marketing materials and strategies for real estate, created by some of the nations top marketers. (flyers, banner ads, letters, email, etc)

Benefit #2– Make more money receiving generous commission, for every client we sign up. Supplement your income and gain more financial security.

Benefit #3– Gain advantage over your competitors and close deals you typically lose or turn away due to credit

Benefit #4– Never lose another lead or client, track your entire pipeline through your free online secured affiliate portal.

Benefit #5–  Gain FREE exposure and get recommended as our preferred referral partner to our growing database of more than 15,000 subscribers and followers.

Schedule a Free no obligation consultation and find out how we can help you close a minimum of 47.5% more transactions in 6 months.
Call now 1.800.818.6358 .

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