Credit repair secrets – Keep Your Dispute Letters Simple When Your Disputing Items On Your Credit Report

Hi I’m Aazim Sharp a Credit Advisor & Coach and I’ve helped thousands of individuals restore and build excellent credit AND I’m also the founder of Leaf Credit Solutions, a National Credit Repair Organization based in New Jersey.

If your looking to have inaccurate, outdated, unverifiable information corrected or removed from your credit report, I’m going to share a quick important tip that you can easily implement to get better results.

When disputing information on your credit report keep the language in your letter SIMPLE and TO THE POINTAND  avoid using lots of legal language. AND NEVER EVER use template letters you find on the internet when disputing

A couple of former credit bureau  employees actually disclosed that the dispute letters that are most affective are the easiest to read. So, don’t try to use fancy words or cite legal arguments .

One thing I can’t stress to you enough is “Don’t use template letters you find online.” Thousands of people are using the same letter and there’s a great chance your dispute will be flagged by the bureaus.

When writing your letter be sure to use plain  English and explain why the item should be updated or removed from your credit report.

Be very clear about what you’re disputing. If you paid an account in full and it’s still reporting as UNPAID, state it in the letter. For example, “The department store xxxx  is still reporting a balance as of xxx date and I paid this account in full as of ‘xxxx date”. Please update the account to reflect the correct status.

Provide any evidence that you have to support your claim. So if you paid an account, include a copy of the paid receipt.

Remember: To help improve your results, Stay organized and document everything.  I suggest that you create a folder and keep all of your credit bureau and creditor correspondence along with any supporting documents you have regarding the accounts on your credit report. It’s important to save everything, stay organized and keep accurate records throughout the process so  you increase your chances for success.

Your credit has a major impact on your life and when you don’t have good credit, it can affect your ability to purchase a home, rent an apartment, buy a car AND even get a job. Don’t wait until the last minute, or have an emergency situation occur that requires you to have good credit and your stuck. Address your credit issues NOW not LATER.

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