4 Steps To Repair Your Credit Today

Have you encountered credit problems? Thinking of trying some quick ways to repair credit and improve your credit situation? Repairing your credit is not easy, it can be compared to a weight loss regimen; slow and steady steps taken one at a time and you’ll see improvements. With a low credit score you end up paying more for loans, it damages your chances of qualifying for a mortgage and in some cases even hinders your chances of being employed

Here are 4 steps that can help repair your credit:

  1. Get a copy of your credit report – You need to know what is damaging your credit reputation and accessing your credit report is the actual first step. Once you have your credit report you need to review it for inaccurate and outdated information. Over 79% of credit reports contain errors, so we know that the credit reporting agencies are notorious for making mistakes.


  1. Dispute Errors on your credit report – After examining your credit report, if you find errors you will need to communicate with the credit bureaus and creditors inn writing. Send them a letter describing the errors that are on your credit report and they will respond to you with the results. Leaf Credit Solutions makes this task easy by using advanced dispute tactics which increases the chance of negative information being removed.


  1. Make your payments on time – A Good credit score is a result of consistent payment of all bills over a period of time. By setting up regular reminders for each payment, we ensure that you never miss any payments. If you have the problem of over spending, we can help customize a plan to create a budget that does not lead to deprivation but makes sure that you meet all your financial requirements and desired goals. For this, we have financial experts who educate you on the best financial practices.


  1. Keep your balances low – Your utilization ratio has a 30% impact on your credit score. Maintaining a balance of 30% of the limit and below is a crucial part of improving your credit score. If you don’t currently have any open accounts, start by applying for a  secured credit card. Opening new accounts is the main component to quickly raising your credit scores.

Leaf Credit Solutions has a number of tailor-made credit plans that can help you improve your credit within the next 60 to 90 days. We compose a plan according to your specific credit repair and financial needs. Credit repair will help you save money and give you opportunities for getting loans and improving your quality of life

Our tip – Having a low credit score does not mean it is the end of the world. You don’t have to wait 7 years. The key is to get help from experienced professionals and save yourself the headache of trial and error.

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