5 Mistakes People Make When Repairing Credit and How You Can Avoid Them

There is a lot of incorrect information given to consumers about how to repair their credit. Most people often go about this process in a way that wastes time or causes more problems. Don’t make these common mistakes when trying to repair your credit!

1.      Submitting Disputes Online

Many people try to submit their disputes online because it is easy to do and doesn’t cost you anything. The problem with doing this, however, is that you do not have any records when you dispute online. In addition, this method does not allow you to dispute some of the most basic information about your accounts, including the balance or the date that it was opened.

You also generally cannot send documentation to support your claim, which makes the entire claim very easy to reject. Some information cannot be corrected using an online dispute system, such as your name or social security number. If items like these need corrected, you will always have to send the request in writing.

2.      Not Including Enough Evidence with Your Dispute

Virtually every dispute needs evidence to back it up. Without this evidence, the credit bureau cannot take you seriously, and denying your dispute is an easy way to avoid dealing with the dispute.

The credit bureaus are likely getting their information from a creditor that has provided documentation, so you should too. Things like account summaries, check stubs, and even bank statements can be very helpful. If you submit these things, however, take care to remove personal information that you may not want to share, such as bank account numbers.

3.      Disputing in the Wrong Order

Some disputes are naturally easier to resolve than others. Sometimes, simply taking up the dispute with the credit bureaus first, instead of contacting the creditors directly, can take care of your concern. This makes the entire process run more smoothly, and you get results faster.

The credit bureaus must investigate your claim and then report back to you with their findings, so they can end up doing a lot of the legwork for you. You must also dispute items with the credit bureaus before you can take legal action, so it makes sense to go ahead and get this step out of the way.

4.      Hiring the Wrong Credit Repair Company

If you are considering hiring a credit repair company, the company you choose could mean a difference of thousands of dollars. Avoid scam companies offering a quick fix for your credit problems. If the company you are considering offers generic promises with no evidence to support it, then look elsewhere. Instead, look for a company that can tell you their success rate statistics. A good credit dispute process will adjust your individual needs by providing a customized experience from the second you contact them, not a generic dispute process that they use for everyone.

Leaf Credit Solutions offers a proven, customized dispute process that is tailored to fit your individual needs. Our deletion rate is 76 percent, and we offer a money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty on your results. Your results are available 24/7 and most of our clients’ scores improve 127 points within 60 days of enrollment—that is proven results!

5.      Resetting the Statute of Limitations

The statute of limitations is a legally prescribed amount of time that the creditor has to sue you on a particular debt. This length of time will vary depending on where you live or where you acquired the debt. It may also vary depending on the type of debt or how the debt is evidenced. For example, debt obligations hat are in writing usually last longer than those that are not.

Even though the statute of limitations has passed, the creditor can still contact you about paying the debt. They just cannot sue you for it. However, in some cases, if you pay on the debt after the statute of limitation expires, this can actually reset the statute, giving the creditor the right to sue you again. It is important to be careful about paying older debts to avoid this type of situation.

Leaf Credit Solutions knows the intimate details of all of these pitfalls and more. Let the professionals handle disputing your credit report—contact Leaf Credit Solutions today!

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