9 Steps You Can Take To Get Negative Information Permanently Removed From Your Credit Report

Are you facing a situation wherein you’ve tried for months to remove the errors from your credit report but wasn’t able to do so? Here are some effective credit repair methods that will improve your results. Implement these strategies to help remove any inaccurate , outdated, or unverifiable information from your credit report.


Here are 9 steps you can take to get negative information permanently removed from your credit report


  • Request your credit report from the credit bureaus – You can order your credit report directly from each of the 3 credit bureaus separately


  • Thoroughly check for errors – Often while checking for the errors, you may overlook the minor errors. So check each and every detail starting from your address, and anything unusual if spotted should be disputed. These minor errors sometimes cause harm in a major way.


  • Customize all disputes by hand. Rather than disputing the errors online. Although disputing online is convenient, it doesn’t yield the best results. You want to have proof of any submissions , so write every letter and keep it documented for future evidence in case you have to threaten litigation and need those documents in court.


  • Send multiple disputes in separate letters – In case of more than one error on your report, rather than writing one long letter, you should write multiple letters and each one should be a detailed explanation of what the dispute is


  • Write a brief and concise report – Don’t use any fancy words in your disputes. Only use words that are easy to understand and written in the simplest language. All important information should be included, and clear to understand with all the supporting evidence because you don’t want the credit bureaus to then say that sufficient information was not provided.


  • Include necessary documentation in the report – To back the dispute, attach all relevant proof. In the event that you sue the credit reporting agency, all communication has to be provided. Provide multiple copies. One given to the credit agency, and one for your record. This eliminates chances of misplacement.


  • Mail the reports to the creditors and data furnishers simultaneously This helps resolve issues faster when it is brought to attention of all the involved parties simultaneously.


  • Keep everything organized and all details documented – Organize all communication with the creditors and credit reporting agencies. Any misplacement can be a costly mistake, hence keep all your documents organized.


  • Never accept a no –Even if you have tried disputing the errors by yourself and got a no from them, then don’t worry. Leaf Credit Solutions has credit experts who are well- acquainted with all the credit laws to ensure that all the legitimate errors are removed from the report. Leaf Credit Solutions, a credit repair agency has a number of ways to remove errors from your credit report and help you build a healthy credit score.

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