Can I Repair My Own Credit, or Should I Hire a Credit Repair Company

Have you been denied by credit card companies, or have you been turned down for a new car or a home?

What you need to know

There are two ways to repair and wipe your credit debt. One is by doing it yourself, and two is by hiring a credit repair company to do it for you. Now, there are pros and cons for both options. This article is intended to help you decide which option is best for you. Keep in mind that every person’s situation is different than the next. This will help you decide which option is unique to your personal situation.

Option one

The do it yourself option. Take into account that you will need to be persistent and make follow through calls with credit companies and credit reporters.

  • When deciding if you are going to take this matter into your own hands and wipe and repair your credit yourself, make sure to take into consideration your time availability and schedule. This task is time consuming and will require you to be hands on with credit reporters and credit bureaus.
  • You will have to be able to keep good written or typed records of all of your progress make phone calls on a regular basis and write letters to the credit companies.

Also this option is best for you if your credit problems are small and simple to fix, and you don’t have the funds to pay major credit companies and credit bureaus.

Option two: Hiring a credit repair agency/company

When doing your own credit repair it is best if you also invest in some type of credit repair software. It will not cost you near as much as paying a credit repair company.

If your credit problems are more than what you are able to handle on your own or you have major credit debt you should consider hiring a credit repair company.

However be aware that today there are more scams out there and you need to do very thorough research before deciding which company to hire. Don’t just jump on the first credit repair agency that you come across. It would be in your best interest to contact several companies and check them out before hiring them. Be sure to do research on the companies. If able to ask around to people that you may know who have used a credit repair company such as friends, family, or co-workers.

  • Another wise thing to do when using a credit repair company is to check their BBB (Better Business Bureau) records to make sure they are a legitimate business and to check their customer reviews
  • Also it would help to ask the company that you are inquiring about if they have free consultations. Most of them will, and make sure to ask for references and speak with them to see if they are customer friendly. Feeling comfortable with a credit company is a major benefit. Also it would not hurt to ask how they have helped former clients with their credit issues.
  • You can also help yourself by seeing what the service you’re paying for covers. Make sure that it is consistent with what you need done.
  • Also ask about company policies and refund availability services if it does not turn out correctly or they do not do what you are paying them to do. Hiring a credit repair company will cost you more than doing it yourself but most of the time when hiring a professional company you will get what you pay for.

If you follow these simple guidelines and suggestions you will find it easy to make your decision on what option is best for you and your needs. Every person’s credit problems are different and unique. You should be fine as long as you do the proper research and look into the companies before hiring them. Or you can just fix your minor credit problems yourself without paying the fees that a credit repair company would charge.

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