No Nonsense Credit New Year Resolutions

If your credit score has taken a dive over the last year or two, maybe it’s time to really get serious about taking the New Year and repairing your credit.  It’s not as difficult as you might think and the benefits of upping your credit score are completely worth the effort.  The New Year is a great time to start making changes when it comes to finance and business anyway, so here are some valuable strategies and tips to help you turn your Credit Repair New Year’s Resolution goals into a tangible accomplishment.

Write your goals down

Success experts assert that those who write down their goals are more than 50% more apt to achieve them than those who don’t.  That’s actually pretty awesome.  The theory behind that is that once you write down your goals and keep them in the forefront of your mind, you’re more apt to work toward them.  If repairing your credit is your goal, write it down on a piece of paper or in your Word document and print it out.

Create an action plan

Writing down your goals is commendable, but if you don’t actually have a plant to achieve those goals, you’re less apt to make progress.  Take some time to create an action plan to get your credit repaired. If you don’t know what to do, do some research or talk with a professional who can help you.

For example, let’s say you want to raise your credit score by 20 points by the end of June.  How could you go about this?

  • Obtain your credit report.
  • Get in touch with a credit repair professional.
  • Discover where your credit issues are and make a list of the ones that need help.
  • Contact the crediting agencies of such accounts and discuss the problems.
  • Ask creditors to lower your interest rate.
  • Follow up each month to check score and certify that mistakes are being taken care of.
  • Pay every bill well ahead of time.
  • Pay more than the minimum balance due.

Attach your credit repair to existing habit

In order to follow through on your Credit Repair New Year Resolution, it is important to remember throughout the year that it is an active goal. An easy way to do this is to associate checking your credit repair status with a habit that you already have and engage in regularly. For example, if you attend church once a week, perhaps after church you could look into your credit repair status. Or if you go pay the bills every Saturday morning, you could check on it afterwards. The point is to associate the old habit with your goal and then you are less apt to forget about it.

Join with others

If you can find others who have the same goals as you, join up with them for accountability and support sake.  Maybe there is a Meetup group or a local church group that focuses on personal finance. Do a search online and ask your friends and family if they know of any such group. If you can’t find one, you can always start your own!

Make a chart

Make a chart or get a calendar and mark your progress regularly.  You can also make a checklist and check off tasks as you do them in order to keep you accountable. Visuals are wonderful for serving as a reminder of your goals.  Put your chart or calendar in a location that you will see daily so that you won’t forget about your Credit Repair New Year’s Resolution.

Don’t forget to reward yourself for progress and milestones.  Raising your credit score is a worthwhile endeavor.  Give yourself a pat on the back as you complete tasks and treat yourself when your credit score increases.  You can do it with self-discipline, the right tools, and a firm belief that you can.

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