Things That You Can Avoid Wasting Your Hard Earned Money On

We have all been guilty when it comes to over spending on material things. For example, three vacations a year just to get away from “stress”. For some, it’s the most recent cellphone that costs $800 or a house full of new furniture because you’re just tired of looking at the old stuff.  Over spending can be costly to your bank accounts, saving accounts and even your credit. Buying things that you really don’t need and can’t afford can hurt you financially. The following are a couple of examples of items that people are commonly known to splurge or overspend on.

Décor and electronics

Electronics are one of the most common items/devices that people today tend to over invest in or buy.  You have cell phones today that people pay well over $800 plus dollars on. Is it necessary to have an eight hundred dollar phone when a $30 phone would suffice? What about the $4,000 television you see sitting in someone’s living room? We can outright buy these items but then people also rent to own these items and end up paying well over the listed price they would buying it outright from the store. People often want to get rid of furniture that there is nothing wrong with simply because they are tired of looking at the old and want the new.


Shoes are also a popular item that people tend to over spend on. When you think of someone over spending on shoes you think of a female right? Well that is not the case. Often many men and women over spend on shoes today. A pair of shoes can run you well over 400+ dollars or more. Why are they so expensive? A few things make this possible. A few examples are, stars, this includes singers, rappers, and basketball players. All you are paying for is the name brand of the product. Why pay so much for one item when you can buy them much cheaper.  The fact that men and women buying shoes in large numbers for these prices is a result of them wanting what others have.


People want gorgeous, luxury homes with space they do not need. It is the ultimate goal for someone to have a bigger better house than the next person.  When you are shopping for your next home, think about budget, what your annual income is and can you afford it. How much space do you need? For instance if there are just two people do you really need a 2,000 square foot home with three or four bedrooms? Think about the other bills that you have to pay as well as a  house loan like monthly electric bills, water, gas, student loans, car payments, house and car insurance, life insurance policies? Can you afford all of these bills on your monthly budget? In the long run will this cause you credit debt that will eventually lower your credit score or ruin your credit all together?

Overspending is a huge problem in today’s society. Before you think about buying that brand new car that you can’t afford or the oversized house that you don’t need, stop yourself and make an educated decision.  Think about your spending limits and don’t risk throwing money away that could be put to good use?

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