What is Credit Repair?

What is Credit repair

Did you recently look at your credit score only to find out it’s not as good as you thought? Maybe you were denied for a loan or credit card only to learn your credit score is what many would think of as “bad.” The next step was learning what you could do. Credit repair – something that kept popping up when you searched for “how to fix your credit” or “how to improve your credit.” The next question, what does that even mean? 

What Does Credit Repair Mean? 

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, credit repair is “the process by which a person or business improves their ability to borrow money…” That’s almost the simplest way to answer the question. However, “the process” is, in reality, a long set of steps that involves learning, taking action, and building a better financial history. 

The Credit Repair Process


When you start to repair your credit, the first step is learning what you did to get where you are now. If you have debt collectors coming after you, what are they collecting on? If you got denied for a loan, did they say why? Talk to a credit counselor for clarity. 

In most cases, it’s not directly your fault. Sometimes life situations have put you at a disadvantage. Maybe a medical bill or health issue. However, learning how to spot that situation before it happens again will ensure that you don’t end up back where you are now.

Taking Action

After you learned what you did to end up here and what you shouldn’t do again, it’s time to find your credit solutions. Perhaps talking to your credit counselor will help. These people; for example, LEAF Credit Solutions can help you take charge of your financial future and plan actionable steps that will get you to success.  

Knowing how to keep a good credit score is one thing; however, you must first get a good credit score to keep. Debt relief plans, consolidating your credit, disputes, correcting errors, and more. 

Keeping Track

After starting to take the steps you need to improve your credit, you’re not done! Chances are, you still have months if not years to go. Making it to a close to perfect score takes time! That’s why keeping track of your credit score regularly is so important. 

Ordering a credit report a few times a year (which shouldn’t cost you anything) can help you to make sure no errors end up on your score inadvertently hurting your credit after all your hard work. Keep track of all of the things you’ve learned to make sure you keep improving for years to come.

Looking for Credit Repair Solutions Today?

Aazim Sharp is the founder and C.E.O. of L.E.A.F. Credit Solutions, a national credit restoration organization. We specialize in helping consumers legally repair their credit, build a positive credit history, and teaching them how to use their credit effectively. If you want to join the over 1600 clients Aazim has worked with and restore your credit, contact L.E.A.F. Credit Solutions today!

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