Kind Words From Amazing Clients

Don’t take our word for it, check out how L.E.A.F CREDIT SOLUTIONS has helped them improve their credit and get the things they want and need.

“After a few months I was able to get approved for credit cards and it was a relief to be in a position to get whatever I wanted.”

Richard Nunn

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“I had 15 negative accounts removed from my credit report and Leaf Credit Solutions kept me updated throughout the entire process.”

Lavaba Mallison

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“My credit score was up more than 200 points in just 3 months… I’m on track to buy my first home this year.”

Jessie Redd

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“Leaf Credit Solutions has fixed many of my client’s credit and helped them purchase a home.”

Pete Severino

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“My credit score increased by 92 points…I highly recommend them if you need to improve your credit.”

Zack Neve

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“I refer all my clients who can’t buy a home because of their credit. They’ve done a great job helping all of the people that I refer to them.”

Sharena Loggins

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“I was skeptical due to my past experience with a credit repair company. After working with them for 90 days, I bought a 3 family home.”

Fathiyyah Salaam

You Don’t Just Need Help. You Need The Right Help

We’ve had more than 250,000 negative accounts like charge-offs, collections, repossessions, student loans, and foreclosures removed from our client’s credit reports. Our clients have also received more than 42 million dollars in personal and business funding over the past 5 years.

Our experience can help you escape the grips of credit issues and get the traction you want in your financial life. Or if you need access to money to start or grow a business, you’re in the right place. 

By you leveraging our expertise in personal credit repair or funding, you’ll experience financial peace in a shorter time period.

This is our promise to you, it’s who we are and what we stand for.

Our Promise

We promise to go far beyond the expectations of our clients by listening to and understanding their exact needs and goals regarding the repair and improvement of their credit. We will mobilize all of our efforts, expertise, knowledge and extreme passion to provide you with outstanding credit repair results.

Mutual Understanding

We understand that you can’t afford to take risks and waste money or time paying for a service that isn’t going to benefit your credit and help improve your finances, That’s why we:

Have highly skilled credit repair professionals who are required to have a minimum of 7 years of experience successfully repairing credit reports.

Our dispute professionals are consumer law experts who possess an unrivaled mastery in getting negative harmful information legally and permanently removed from credit reports.

Results, Communication, Service Promise

We Know You Want Sizable Results, Consistent Communication, and Professional Service.

That’s why we administer the most effective dispute methods that yield the most impressive credit repair results you’ll find anywhere.

That’s why we focus on all 5 factors that impact your credit, unlike traditional credit repair that addresses just one of five factors.

That’s why we assist you in building or rebuilding credit history regardless of the status of your credit scores through little known unconventional lenders. (guaranteed approval)

That’s why we give you access to conveniently track your results online 24/7, right from your own private client portal.

That’s why we provide you a detailed monthly one on one review so we can measure progress and make adjustments if necessary

Our Money Back Guarantee Promise

3 Easy Words: You. Risk. Nothing.

If working with us doesn’t benefit your credit rating, we’ll give you a full, hassle-free refund. Period.

Here are the details on our no questions asked triple-warranty:

If, after 90 days of service…

  1. You don’t have any items removed from your credit report…
  2. Your credit score has not increased …

We’ll offer a full refund upon request – no questions asked.

our LIFETIME guarantee:

  1. If any of the negative items we successfully dispute and have removed from your credit report show back up at ANY time

We’ll dispute it free of charge upon your request, no questions asked.

This guarantee is our motivation to do an extremely thorough job for you. If, because of what we do, your credit rating goes up (and stays up), we know we’ve done our job. If it doesn’t, you pay nothing.

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